companyAGRODRIP S.A., based in the Industrial Area of Sindos In Thessaloniki (Greece), has started its operation as a small production unit of plastic irrigation fittings in the late ‘80’s.  With relentless focus on Research & Development, skilled and experienced personnel coupled with continuous implementations in technology and infrastructure, AGRODRIP today has two modern, vertically integrated production facilities covering a surface of over 16.000 m2, making it one of the leading industries in the sector, providing high quality, cutting-edge irrigation systems. 

It is a steadily expanding enterprise, with a consolidated presence in the domestic market and a strong export orientation, with exports accounting for an ever increasing share of the company’s yearly sales. Currently the firm exports to more than 40 countries over all the 5 continents. 

ISO 9001 certified since many years and with more than 30 years of continuous growth, Agrodrip prides itself to be provenly able to keep up with the pace of times and meet the most challenging demands of the domestic, as well as the international clientele through its comprehensive range of innovative irrigation fittings, PE pipes, drip pipes and tapes, supported by its exceptional expertise. Our mission has been and will always be to offer the customer the most suitable solution even to the hardest irrigation problem.